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The Cost to Build a House in Ghana

July 08, 2023

Building a  house is a big aspiration for many people, but it can come with a considerable price tag. When it comes to building your house in Ghana, one may ask how much does it cost? When building a property, it's important to factor in multiple costs such as land procurement, design, construction, and furnishing. These expenses can amount to a significant sum, but by engaging in meticulous planning and budgeting, you can successfully bring your dream home to fruition. 

What is the estimated cost of building a house in Ghana?

Building a house in Ghana involves several transaction costs that one needs to consider:

The first step in constructing a property is to acquire the plot of land you are planning to build on. Land prices in Ghana vary depending on the location and the size of the plot. In urban areas, land prices tend to be higher, while in rural areas, land prices tend to be lower. It is essential to do proper research to find the best location for your house and to factor the cost of land acquisition into your budget.

Proper site preparation is crucial for any construction project to ensure a smooth and efficient building process.  Just as so, the design and architecture of a building play a crucial role in determining the materials, fabrication techniques, and construction methods required for the construction process, especially if you’re building from scratch. Complex designs demand a high level of expertise, careful planning, and execution. Custom architecture involves unique solutions and approaches, which can add complexity and time to the project. 


For instance, if an individual desires to construct a one-of-a-kind, custom-designed 3 bedroom house in Ghana, complete with distinctive features and exquisite details, it necessitates the utilization of specialized knowledge and expertise to transform that design into a tangible reality. This process may involve incorporating specific building materials, fabrication techniques, and construction methods that go beyond conventional practices in typical construction projects. By accommodating these unique requirements, the project gains an additional layer of intricacy and duration, which in turn contributes to a higher budget and an extended construction timeline.

The costs of constructing a house can vary depending on the size, design, and quality of materials used. The more luxurious the finishing, the higher the cost. It is essential to work with a reputable construction company that can provide a detailed development cost estimate of the project. This will help you to plan and budget for the construction accurately before the first. Additionally, you may want to consider getting a construction loan to finance the project.

After the groundwork has been set, and the structure completed, it is now time to add the final details to the structure. Expenses made in these last touches are referred to as finishing costs which give the house its completed appearance. These expenses include painting, tiling, electrical works, plumbing, and installation of fixtures such as cabinets, sinks, and faucets. Finishing costs can vary significantly depending on the quality of materials used and the level of luxury desired.


It is crucial to factor in the cost of finishing into your budget to avoid running out of funds before the project is complete. Working with an interior designer can help you to plan and budget for the finishing costs accurately.

In addition to the above costs, there are other hidden costs to consider when building a property in Ghana. These include:

  1. Legal fees: Legal fees for obtaining permits and approvals can be significant. It is essential to factor in legal fees into your budget.


  1. Design fees: Design fees encompass the costs associated with architectural and design services. These fees are paid to professionals who provide expertise in creating the conceptual and technical plans for the construction project


  1. Utility connection fees: You will need to pay for the connection of utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage. These fees can vary depending on the location and the distance from the connection points.

  2. Security and insurance: It is essential to secure your house with security measures such as security cameras, alarm systems, and security personnel. You will also need to insure your house against theft, fire, and other risks.

While building your dream house can be a costly endeavour, it's important to remember that with proper planning and budgeting, the overall cost of building can be achieved. The cost of building includes various aspects and working with a reputable construction company, planning and budgeting for the project costs, using quality materials, considering energy efficiency, and seeking professional help can help ensure the success of the project. By following these tips, you can bring your dream house to life and enjoy it for years to come. 

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