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Pink October – Why it’s Important to Us at Akka Kappa

October 28, 2022

The color Pink represents healing and empathy so it’s not surprising why it is often associated with October – the month of breast cancer awareness. Pink October is an annual campaign that brings attention to the seriousness of breast cancer and educates people on all the ways they can get screened. Early detection could be a life saver for many breast cancer patients.


Why is it So important?


Pink October plays a key role in raising breast cancer awareness globally. This awareness is the first step towards preventing the serious disease from having a grave permanent impact on one’s life. The purpose of the campaign is to increase awareness and raise the funds to research the causes, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and cure for breast cancer.

Breast cancer continues to have a major impact on women in Ghana. It is one of the primary types of cancer among women and accounts for 40% of female cancers and 15% of all cancers in the region. Here are some facts and statistics:


Raise Awareness and Make a Difference



Throughout October, many different sports teams, celebrities, companies, and organizations raise awareness for breast cancer. Take this month as an opportunity to make a difference. Show your support by wearing the pink color and raise awareness for breast cancer. Educate yourself about this disease and then help others to do the same. Encourage your family and friends to go to the doctor and have a breast check done. Breast cancer is much easier to treat when detected early.

Pink October with Akka Kappa


In 2014, Akka Kappa’s Managing Director Jolanda Castagna was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before her diagnosis, she lived a healthy life and had regular checkups done. Finding out that she had breast cancer was a terrifying moment for her and it filled her with a sense of guilt and defeat. But the support of her family motivated her to stay strong and fight her scary battle.

She describes the chemotherapy as the worst part of her battle with breast cancer. She struggled to continue but eventually succeeded thanks to the support of her family.

The birth of Jolanda’s grandson, Karim, became one of her biggest motivators to live and gave her the strength and positivity to carry on. 

After the treatment, when she could finally join again her family in Ghana, Jolanda turned her passion for real estate into an established full-time real estate agency. “There was never a moment I wanted to give up. Every morning, I woke up ready for the fight. Every day, I had something positive to look out for. I learned to appreciate the little things in life and appreciate all that I have. The war isn’t over… but I won this battle.” says Jolanda.

In 2021, Jolanda and her team at Akka Kappa launched the #wearepink campaign to raise breast cancer awareness and help women in need have breast screenings. Jolanda stresses the importance of self-screening and early detection with regular, yearly checkups. She advises women to not underestimate any cysts or even intuition.

To support this cause, Akka Kappa made a donation to the Peace and Love Hospital to help those women in need have breast screenings. Among the women who underwent the screening, one was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. They assisted her with additional support but sadly, it was so advanced that she did not survive. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022 is an important event for the people who are fighting and have fought breast cancer. It is a time to reflect on the progress we have made in breast cancer research, celebrate survivors, and raise awareness about how we can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

So, this October, as you decorate your house with black and orange, carve pumpkins, and celebrate Halloween, make sure to remember the color Pink. Join the Pink team, help in the quest to have a breast-cancer free future for all. 



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