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September 25, 2022

Eleven-Eleven is Ghana’s First Luxury Beach Resort

Experience Eleven-Eleven, a five-star beachside haven on the Gulf of Guinea in Ghana in the West African area. This modern retreat is set to offer an unmatched guest experience, providing a peaceful and serene getaway. This modern experiential concept fuses design and lifestyle. 

Eleven-Eleven welcomes visitors searching for a remarkable business retreat or a special celebration. Guests will have the chance to escape thanks to the experience's settings, ambience, and fantastic service. An award-winning architect, a business strategist, and a style and experience guru make up the team that created this break from the norm. 

How Was The Project Conceived?

Kojo Boadi, an award-winning American-based architect, and Nigel Nunoo, a senior executive for a Fortune 500 company, have collaborated to create Eleven-Eleven, an oceanfront paradise for the senses. The two pioneers developed the idea and brought the dream to reality by founding the Eleven-Eleven Development Company.

According to Nigel, the Eleven-Eleven project has been in development for ten years. Before Eleven-Eleven, the two collaborated on a number of other projects, some in the real estate and hospitality sectors but from other angles. Eventually, they were destined to work together because of their extremely complementary personalities and abilities. Eleven-Eleven evolved into a project, but they weren't entirely sure what it would be because they both had big plans to change Ghana, and ambitiously, Africa.

“We both had the opportunity to pause when the pandemic struck in 2020, and consider how our lives were going and what we wanted to do. And at that point, we were interacting regularly and really just catching up on everything. But after that, we began zoning the beachfront idea and playing around with alternative plans for it." says Nigel.

The general consensus between them was: why not build beach homes and sell them?  But after calculating the figures and applying the economic model, they realised it wasn't the maximum benefit the buyers would receive - similar to the investor value proposition, which was adequate but not outstanding. After that, Nigel and Kojo discussed the idea of constructing a hotel, and Eleven-Eleven was born. But this ambition required too much capital and would take too much time to put all together. As a result, they came to the realization that rather than attempting to accomplish it individually, they needed to bring people together. This made use of the collective force of many individuals who aimed for success.

Additionally, they required a business strategy and value proposition that would be so alluring and profitable for everyone involved that they could be replicated. And everyone who participated in the initial initiative will benefit from the next ones. This is how the Eleven-Eleven business model was developed.


What Is The Eleven-Eleven Business Model

According to the Eleven-Eleven business model, if a hotel or resort is owned by a large number of individuals, this first and foremost diversifies the capital base. However, it's also important to consider whether it has a compelling strategy for increasing occupancy and whether its value offer benefits to the end users or consumers. Even with very conservative occupancy and rental assumptions, the profits would be astounding.

Nigel continues: "Within three years, the majority of individuals will be able to recover their investment. Since the architect is also the founder, we are genuinely certain that we can produce the property precisely as promised. We will also be able to charge much better, and we firmly believe that everyone will be able to recoup their investment within two years. But it's preferable to make fewer promises and deliver more. We have the numbers we do because of this."

The team focused on developing pricing that would please investors after doing an extensive market analysis. They figured out the launch after spending a whole year bringing the concept to reality, and then they finally started building.

The Grand Vision

“We're excited with the traction, and we strongly believe that by the end of next year, or worst case, 2024, we will be done and starting to work on the grand vision.” claims Nigel.

Since the entire region is undeveloped, they had to construct a vision for the entire enclave. In their ultimate vision, the lagoon will be dredged to make room for a marina, along with a boardwalk, restaurants, and other exciting attractions. However, before the magnificent vision can be realized, step one must be accomplished, which is the Eleven-Eleven resort.

How Was The Name Eleven-Eleven Selected?

One day in Las Vegas, Kwadwo asked Nigel what the meaning of the number 11 was to him. The fact that Nigel was born in the eleventh month of the year made his lucky number—11—even more important. In addition, Kwadwo emphasised the number's symmetry and disclosed that it was also his lucky number.

The website Numerologyland asserts that the number 11 is lucky. The double-digit is very strong and is referred to be a master number since it has a lot of energy. Out of all the numbers, 11 has the most potential, which is why people pay attention to it.

They made the snap decision to use the number to unite and build a brand when they ultimately started working on a project. Additionally, they observed it was Eleven-Eleven every time they found themselves checking the clock. “It was almost like a waypoint that serves as the north star for many things. When working on the beach project, we understood right away that the name Eleven-Eleven was appropriate.” acknowledges Kujo.

How Did Eleven-Eleven Go From A Sketch To A Rendering?

It's all in the details, as they say, and Eleven-Eleven accurately embodies this idea. The project, which is located close to the shoreline, blends in wonderfully with the surrounding environment. It offers breathtaking vistas, unrivaled finishes, thoughtful facilities, and world-class design.


The overall design plan was developed by considering the existing site context and the microclimate. The general layout accounts for the wind patterns, sun patterns, and passive techniques (also known as environmental techniques) that contribute to the overall arrangement. 

Following the site analysis, the architectural program came into focus. This determined what the dream would look like and how many units would be required. The primary objective was to produce an aesthetic for a five-star hotel that would be unmatched along the coastline.

One of the important aspects in the design phase was to employ ocean-resistant materials while also balancing those ocean-resistant materials with a very modern and contemporary aesthetic that would anchor the project. In essence, this is what the Eleven-Eleven style aims to achieve.

The design team established that everything was genuinely marine grade, including the windows, outside cladding, fittings, and materiality, while also offering the user the highest viewing quality.

Nigel adds, “The avant-garde aesthetic was created by the interior design in all areas, including the private rooms. We wanted the public spaces, including the restaurant, spa, and lobby, to have a distinctive appearance. We also intended to maintain the organic African feel of the Ghanian vernacular in some of our vernacular architectural elements to complete the design.”



Follow Your Property Desires - A Subtropical Paradise Awaits You

Eleven-Eleven is set to become a popular destination in Ghana. This is the place for leisure and excellent company, whether you're searching for a long-term financial commitment or a short-term investment.

Speak with one of our property consultants at Akka Kappa now to learn how you can get a piece of paradise in Ghana's first-ever luxury beach resort.



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