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Akka Kappa Receives NAR Membership and Certifications

June 21, 2022

Akka Kappa is a leading real estate brokerage in Ghana, offering you services tailored to your needs, including sales and lettings, property management, and construction consultancy and with a portfolio of over 1,200 properties.

We have a client-centric approach and continuously introduce innovative ideas give you the best experience in Ghana, whether you want to rent, buy, sell, manage or build properties!

Over the years, Akka Kappa built a well-reputed image in Ghana and the surrounding regions, but we believe in proof. This is why we applied for membership with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) as International REALTOR® Members and decided to undertake courses and examinations to received top certifications, making our services even more reliable.

Let's talk about these certifications and how they make Akka Kappa the ideal option for your next investment opportunity or any other real estate need you may have.

What Certifications does Akka Kappa Have?

In an ever more competitive world, constant growth and improvement are a must! Especially when your industry has little to no barriers to entry and lots of competition. Courses and certifications allow the Akka Kappa team to give the best service to our clients as both buyer and seller representatives in Ghana and abroad, and to ensure that our clients are able to price their properties adequately.



Akka Kappa’s certifications, NAR and GREPA membership and presence on the GREPA board of directors offer you various benefits.

Let's talk about these certifications and the NAR (National Association of REALTOR®s) membership.

About Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA)

Akka Kappa is a member of the Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association and our Sales Director, Edoardo Castagna, is a board director of the association.

GREPA represents real estate professionals in Ghana who aim to help the industry grow through legislative, technological, and networking amends. The organization has helped many professionals in the industry grow their business and has even helped industry leaders like Akka Kappa with new projects like the 11-11 Beach resort investment option.

The organization’s objective is to create coherence and unity among firm members and help them unite under a single platform.

GREPA has a high moral standing in the global real estate market. However, certifications and NAR membership make any real estate firm better.

About National Association of REALTOR®s (NAR)

Becoming an International REALTOR® member of NAR from 2021 was a huge accomplishment for Akka Kappa. This membership adds market value, credibility, and access to resources and clients.

NAR is America's largest trade organization, with over 1.5 million members. These members belong to the residential and commercial real estate industry and have helped revolutionize the real estate world. The organization is best known for its modern culture, member-supportive values, and ________.

Since becoming a member of NAR, Akka Kappa has taken advantage of the education possibilities, receiving four internationally recognized certifications.

Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

The Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) is a certification for REALTOR®s with both local and international clients. It is a must for companies that wish to see their professional reach grow and want to expand their business operations.

 The certification represents that Akka Kappa has the knowledge, certification, research, and tools to run a global business, makeing Akka Kappa one of the best partners for investors both local and international investors looking to purchase worldwide. Akka Kappa remains particularly focused on Ghana, UAE, Nigeria and the USA.

The CIPS certification has allowed Akka Kappa to attain the following benefits and has opened up a miriad of opportunities both locally and worldwide:

Accredited Buyer's Representative® (ABR®)

The list of real estate certifications is incomplete without mentioning the globally renowned ABR certification. NAR holds the ABR to high standards because of its exclusiveness, and only a selected group of REALTOR®s receive this certification upon completing a course and passing an examination.

Obtaining the certification means a lot in terms of the value the REALTOR® can offer buyers in the process of purchasing real estate, helping them  select properties that give the best value for money, providing competent advice, market analysis and ….

The certificate receivers get additional benefits in the real estate business as well. These include:

These options make the ABR certification one of the best leaps a leading business like Akka Kappa can make in the real estate industry.

Seller Representative Specialist (SRS)

Having seller representation credibility is another essential element of the whole industry. The Seller Representations Specialist (SRS) is one of the highest honors for a REALTOR® professionals in the industry.

 The Real Estate Business Institute (REBI) awards this certification to specific group members who can fulfill the course requirements and gain the necessary experience for it as well.

The certification has allowed Akka Kappa to change its way of sales representation. The certification provides a proper foundation for real estate comprehension, training, and technical and professional expansion resources.

As Certified Seller’s Representatives, Akka Kappa assists property owner dispose of their assets providing in depth knowledge on the legal and commercial aspects of a sales transaction and tailor a specific marketing plan in line with the seller’s goal.

Start Investing with Akka Kappa Today!

Being a certified REALTOR® makes Akka Kappa the best option to start investing.


We have been operating in the region for many years and have built an excellent reputation. We now have access to the largest real estate community in Ghana, with our clientele including buyers, sellers, property owners, tenants, and developers. Being certified REALTOR®s makes Akka Kappa your best partner to start investing

This explains the value we bring to the table and help you buy, sell, rent, build, and manage real estate.

Akka Kappa is a leading real estate company. Those who wish to gain local and international real estate investment options can always reach out to our experts for more information and detail. Our top projects have helped first-time investors earn good ROI and expand their business operations recently. You can check our portfolio here.

Consult with Akka Kappa Today!








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