Construction is an amazingly complicated business. To ensure the best outcome for your project, you need partners with in-depth knowledge of the industry who have your best interest at heart, every step of the way.

We analyze, we plan, we strategize.

From construction administration, project planning, and dependable project cost estimates, our Construction Consultancy Services are passionately delivered by experts with over 30 years of industry experience in engineering and planning, both locally and internationally willing to go all lengths to make the construction dream a reality.

We are your valuable partner.

In a project, things rarely go as planned.  Cost overruns are commonplace, and surprises are the rule rather than the exception. It takes significant construction management expertise to juggle the various aspects and ensure the project is executed on time, within budget and according to performance. Additionally, in achieving Client’s desires it takes excellent communication and teamwork between Project Managers/Consultants and contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and, most importantly with you, the Client!

With our ‘’Make It Work’’ approach, we deeply analyze the project to understand all its aspects.  We prepare and implement accurate plans aimed at anticipating problems and avoiding setbacks, and we suggest optimized solutions to help you deliver the very best project in terms of value, quality and deliverables.

Our Construction Consultancy Services:

  1. Project review (and building design review)
  2. Project Management
  3. Quality control
  4.  “As built” documentation

Akka Kappa offers a new age in construction consultancy that prioritizes excellent customer care for our clients, enhances cohesion within the whole design team and ensures the successful delivery of projects. We are committed to delivering professional excellence on all projects. Discover your best life’s investment with us.

Project review

With our deep market knowledge we provide you with practical and cost-effective solutions in the design and project roll out phase.

As each project is unique, the creativity and innovation to deliver the project is also unique, providing practical and cost-efficient solutions. At Akka Kappa we have an eye for technical details and will drive forward a project schedule while ensuring critical aspects are understood and resolved in the interest of all stakeholders.

Our deep knowledge of the market allows us to provide our clients with the right information regarding feasibility, specifications and standards that ought to be followed.

The most critical segment of the pre-design phase of your project is the development of a sound budget through good preliminary cost investigations. It is only experience that can ensure an accurate budget and avoid the common cost overruns, delays and failure to meet the Client’s expectations.

Whether you are a(n) owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, at Akka Kappa we understand your needs and we are fully equipped to supplement your team’s expertise and insight to ensure your project’s success.

With decades of experience in the construction industry in Ghana, our team of professionals have overseen projects of every size and type. That means we have already witnessed the pitfalls and solved the dilemmas your project is likely to encounter.

We plan, and subsequently report progress within the project environment. We identify the project’s critical path and provide guidelines for an efficient procurement strategy to successfully complete works within the stipulated time frame.

Project Management

With a combination of market and construction experience we help you save money by implementing alternative and cost-effective solutions.

The Project Management Plan is the heart and soul of how a project is run. Having a defined project scope, a well-coordinated team, from architects to suppliers all the way to the work force, ensures the success of the project. Our expertise and knowledge of the industry and its challenges help you bridge common problems and setbacks, ensure the project stays within budget and is delivered on time. In one word, you save money!

At Akka Kappa, we understand the demands of a construction project and provide cost-effective staff augmentation services to mitigate the Client’s cost while providing the expertise their project requires.

We also evaluate the staff you’ve allocated to a project and advise if additional skills are required to optimize the construction cycle.

Quality control

With an outlook to future costs, we help you protect your investment by optimizing the quality of construction.

A well-built house or commercial space will require less maintenance and keep your investment running smoothly for years to come. To help protect and safeguard your investment, our team will ensure the following;

  1. Interpret and review shop drawings, inspect completed work and/or work in progress, to identify approaches and methods that could improve overall quality.

  2. Review the project specification and construction drawings prior to making the site inspection.

  3. Perform site inspections to examine and verify the claimed percentage of work done.

  4. Written reports and photographs detailing any discrepancies between the amount requested and the actual amount of work done.

  5. We monitor & report all activity on-site, so the client is informed on the progress made at each stage.

  6. We review and analyze progress made toward project milestones.

  7. We schedule, lead, and document construction meetings on:

  • daily,

  • weekly

  • and monthly progress.

“As Built” documentation

We help the end users to act efficiently and effectively when the need arises.

At all stages of the construction process, we keep good records of the most relevant site activities. Through a series of information such as drawings, sketches, pictures and videos and operation and maintenance manuals we provide, at the end of the construction we produce a very detailed “as built documentation”.